Allen Creative's Photography Now Available for Licensing Through Alamy.


After years and years of being on the buying end of commercial stock photography transactions, Allen Creative is now offering a vast collection of images by Steve Allen for licensing through UK-based Alamy. Headquartered in England near Oxford, Alamy also has offices in the US (New York City) and India, as well as sales forces in Germany and Australia. The Alamy website hosts one of the world's largest collections of stock photos and video footage. Their vast library offers access to imagery from around the world that is often not available through more widely known US-based stock photography sources. Offering both Royalty Free and Rights Managed imagery, Alamy provides a deep well of resources for both the creative and editorial marketplaces.


For Steve Allen, signing with Alamy allows for a truly worldwide distribution of his photographic work. Steve began shooting 35mm film in his early to mid teens which instilled a passion for photography that has only grown over the years. With over three decades of experience in art directing photoshoots using other professional photographers, and the same number of years locating and incorporating stock photographs for advertising and design projects, Steve brings an end-user perspective into shooting situations. One aspect of this is reflected in the number of "Art Director" shots within the body his work where the graphic use of negative space in an image allows room for copy and typographic elements in a pictorial spread or design layout.


To view or search Allen Creative's images on Alamy, simply click here to be taken to the first page of the collection. To search within the collection use the search bar located just above the photos. (The top search bar takes you to all images from all photographers on Alamy.) Enjoy!


NOTE: As Alamy represents more the one photographer with the name Steve Allen, all Allen Creative photos will show a photographer listing of Allen Creative/Steve Allen.




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