We enjoy helping people help people. That could be a book publisher that enriches the lives of readers with engaging stories and useful information. Or a restaurant that serves kindness and well prepared meals to hungry patrons. Or a chaircover company that provides imaginative products for event planners to make guests feel wowed and welcomed. Whether it's a corporation with a product, an organization with a mission, or an individual with an idea, we want to help others do a great job of doing good in their own unique spheres.


We also enjoy design – the merging of aesthetic and strategic aspects in the creation of expressions and entities. We love words, type, photography, illustration, color, texture, and a whole host of visual languages or styles. And we love taking that palette of elements and creating solutions that are fresh and appropriate for the given need.


And underneath it all, we want to honor God – in what we do and how we do it. Helping businesses and organizations to more effectively help others is for us an aspect of "loving our neighbors." Using our creative gifts is something we regard as a stewardship (and a blessing). And providing for our families (and others) requires charging a fair value price for the services we render.


Every talent, skill, and ability that we possess is in one way or another a gift from God, our Creator. We design with our brains but we did not design our brains. Our deepest thanks to the One who did.

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